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EVE THOMAS - Mum, Author, Campaigner, Tiny Peacefighter, Survivor!

THE home for all victims & survivors


Now you may ask what is #OneVoice and the answer is simple. #OneVoice is THE place to come if you want your voice heard, no matter what your pain is, no matter what caused it you now have a place to come.  Writing helped me so much and so I offer you the opportunity to share your pain and with this you get to nominate a charity of your choice. 

 Fifty Shades of Abuse, the first #OneVoice book has given fifty voices from around the world the chance to be heard, fifty voices that will NEVER BE SILENCED!  Along with this each survivor has nominated a charity to receive a 1/50 share of the TOTAL revenue. 

The very first #OneVoice book is ON SALE and as the nominations for charities roll in from around the world I am truly humbled and honoured, #OneVoice is GLOBAL! 

 I have many ideas for #OneVoice and my blog is usually the place to go for all the latest information.

Basically #OneVoice is THE club, THE gang, THE organisation to be a part of.  

AND IT DOESN'T COST A PENNY!!! Well except if you buy a #OneVoice book but you will know that every penny you have spent on a #OneVoice book is being donated to charities around the world, charities that are working tirelessly to eradicate abuse.

Eve x