EVE THOMAS - #OneVoiceBuddies
EVE THOMAS - #OneVoice Never Silenced

When I escaped I had an army of professionals all helping me, guiding me and making sure I was strong enough to go to trial.

I spent the next few months practically locked away, afraid to leave the house and even though I had an anti molestation order and he had Police bail conditions I was still petrified. I spent a lot of time on Facebook speaking to women I had never met, searching for a buddy, someone to listen and talk to. They didn't know me so I could literally unburden everything. 

As #OneVoice has evolved an idea was born from the gap I found when I began my journey as a survivor, an additional service, a network of victims, survivors and buddies all reaching out to help one another.  

#OneVoiceBuddies is a befriending service with a difference, it is all based on social media so you never have to leave the house or face yet another person. Although, we hope that with our help you will find the strength to get back out there because there is life after abuse! 

You can chat in total privacy or take part in the discussions posted, its up to you, your pace, your buddies!

Scroll through the friends list/followers, make contact and hey presto you've found someone with something in common with YOU.

Anyone is welcome, we never discriminate but I do ask you to follow some simple rules.....

Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated and immediate exclusion from the groups will follow.

Anyone victim blaming will be removed and blocked pronto, this will NEVER be tolerated! 

Any attacks will be dealt with accordingly and most certainly not be tolerated!

Please bear in mind when posting that #OneVoiceBuddies is open to all and so children, I hope, will be using the service! Foul language, talk of a sexual nature etc will not be tolerated and any comments removed! If you have something that you need to share but are not sure where to post it, then I ask, will you please post privately and leave the decision with the admins/Managers. We also ask that as other victims/survivors are using this service that if you are still having problems with an abuser that you create a separate account that doesn't link you, this protects your safety and the safety of others.


Remember a kind word can really make someone's day!

The offer of friendship could save someone's life!

If you prefer to talk privately then please email [email protected]