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It's been brought to our attention that there has been some controversy over information regarding location software and tracking devices.  This information is based on the UK but applies worldwide.

Always ensure ALL location software is disabled/turned off if you need to cover your tracks.  If you have a mobile phone with Sat Nav/GPS then there will be a tracking device on there so PLEASE ensure you turn it off to protect your safety.

If you phone is signed up with a tracker (you can verify this with your service provider) it is governed here in the UK by the Data Protection Act and NO ONE apart from the Police and account holder can get this information.

#OneVoice Never Silenced advises the following:

We would suggest that everyone needs to contact their network if on a contract and set up sufficient measures to ensure the staff are totally certain they are speaking to the account holder such as a password that only they know and identifies them and them only.  You should request that your network do this immediately to prevent any attempts from others to access your account.  This may also be done by requesting the Network when dealing with ALL enquiries from the Account Holder that they agree whilst the caller is on the line to call an alternative number such as a landline/safe number where the account holder can be reached.

Most android phones have a location services menu and this should be turned off and only turned on when you are using the Sat Nav/Map apps on your phone.
On Samsung, but other phones may have similar menu's tap menu, tap settings, tap location and security, tap GPS and turn this off.  If you have a particular phone and are unsure how to turn this off please get in touch by clicking here.
There is also Tap Use Wireless Networks, check your Location Consent if allowed and tap to turn off.

Location consent allows things like Google maps to find you and others can download apps to their phone to find you through these - PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS and ensure that ALL location settings are disabled.

Our advise would be for the user of the phone if they are unsure would be to go on their manufacturers website and find the instructions on how to disable all this ASAP!!!!

PLEASE ASK IF YOU ARE UNSURE.  A member of our team who works for a major phone/network provider here in the UK is here to help so please don't struggle and disable TODAY!

If you are based in another country you should still follow all the above and contact your service provider to ensure YOU ARE SAFE!

If you are covering your tracks it may be a good idea to purchase a cheap pay as you go phone, no GPS, tracking etc but please ensure you contact your Network provider to secure your account.

Please get in touch if you need advise, we are only an email away.

#OneVoice Never Silenced
Eve x