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#OneVoice Fifty Shades Of Abuse


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Amazing week!

Hi everyone

It's almost weekend, this week has flown but wow, what an amazing week it has been!

It all started with fellow author and radio show host Kerry Stott who rescued me from my sun induced gloomy mood on Sunday for an interview which was aired last night.  I had a fab time and think I have found a new friend.  You can follow Kerry on twitter @kerrystott.

After chatting on the phone for hours, yes I can talk for England :) Kerry put me in touch with Keith Newman from Highlights PR - I NEED HELP!

#OneVoice needs HELP!

Hi everyone

I need your help please!  

#OneVoice is now in the final stages of the spit and polish phase and will be sent off electronically next week for publishing, I'm very excited and never thought when I originally came up with the idea that it would reach some many people on such a global level!

#OneVoice has the potential to help so many people, 50 brave survivors have expressed how writing has helped them on their survivors journey not to mention the charities that will receive financial support from sales etc and now #OneVoice has opened its doors and welcomes all your stories.

Sunny Saturday and broken legs

Hi everyone

Eeek its almost 1a.m. so I better make this short and sweet.

Today has been a most excellent day!  I woke after only a few hours sleep to the sun streaming into my bedroom, I adore the sun and so decided to sit in the garden only to be attacked by a bumble bee that must have been on steroids for the last ten years, it was enormous!  Word of warning - massive flying, buzzing creatures, a broken ankle in a cast  and slippery wooden decking do not mix!  No harm done but I think I may have traumatized my neighbours.

Charity News - #OneVoice

Hi everyone

Well as another week draws to an end I am amazed and so excited to see #OneVoice reach charities and people around the world.

Here is an update on the nominations so far:

Refuge Charity - 7 nominations
Women's Aid  - 1 nomination
ESDAS - East Surrey Domestic Abuse Service - 1 nomination
Joyful Heart Foundation - 1 nomination
Victim Support - 1 nomination
WRSAC Cornwalll - Women's Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre - 1 nomination
Ark Of Hope, Florida - 1 nomination
Wave DV Centre - North West of England - 1 nomination

#OneVoice Charity News!

Hi Everyone

Yesterday I sent out an email to all the courageous survivors who have shared their stories for the #OneVoice book, it's time to nominate their charities and already I am receiving replies.

Here are the nominations so far and I have contacted each of these charities with the good news.

Refuge Charity - 6 nominations
Women's Aid  - 1 nomination
ESDAS - East Surrey Domestic Abuse Service - 1 nomination
Joyful Heart Foundation - 1 nomination
Victim Support - 1 nomination
WRSAC Cornwalll - Women's Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre - 1 nomination

#OneVoice book news

Hi everyone

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.  I am laid up so to speak at the moment with a broken ankle so I've been able to spend much more time on my projects, the#OneVoiceFifty Shades Of Abuse book in particular.

I have some fantastic news, news that I think will gain #OneVoice and Fifty Shades Of Abuse the attention it deserves.

The original mission of the book has changed and although I have reached out to E L James and offered the hand of peace, so far she has not responded but then I didn't really expect her to.

My letter to E L James

Hi everyone

As I'm putting the finishing touches to the #OneVoice Fifty Shades Of Abuse book, the publishing date is not far away, I am astounded at the bravery of every single one of the survivors who have shared their stories.  I have cried a lot of tears whilst reading them but also smiled at your achievements and how you became FREE!


The story I have selected as the lead story I do so with the full permission of the author, a lady who wishes to remain anon.  I have promised to respect her wishes and her identity will remain a secret with me only divulging that she lives in the USA and wishes me to nominate a charity of my choice to receive her percentage of the donation, the charity I have selected for us both is Refuge.

Easter and my accident

Hi everyone

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and Easter.  I decided to take a few hours off to enjoy the sunshine with some friends and take the petrol cars out for a spin.  By Monday the car was finely tuned and travelling at its top speed of just over 50mph, now I know all the rules and have had them explained to me repeatedly but I decided to wander off from the side of the person who was controlling the car.  The next minute I felt what I can only explain as the worst pain ever and I was flying through the air!

Snowy Saturday

Hi everyone

What a beautiful day!  When I went to bed last night we had a little snow but when I woke at 3.30am everywhere was blanketed white and so I haven't ventured out today, these old bones don't take too kindly to the cold weather and I creak and crack like a 90 year old sometimes. :)

Looking out of the window I knew there was only one thing I wanted to do today, raise awareness and what a perfect day to do it on, a beautiful view outside slightly marred by the rather lame attempt at a snow angel last night by my youngest daughter Katie when she rolled in at 3.

My day

Hi everyone

Today I have learn't a lot, a few valuable lessons that not everyone can be trusted but none the less I now know not to put my phone, card and keys down on the checkout in Asda whilst I'm packing my shopping.

I was busily chatting to the checkout assistant when I saw, from the corner of my eye the man who I thought was waiting patiently behind me was in fact trying to take my phone.

At first I smiled at him thinking it was a mistake but the look on his face told me that he'd seen a window of opportunity and had got caught trying to take it.