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Social Services & the Freedom Programme
"Diktat Housing Tax Trap & Domestic Violence
Mountain Challenge - Literally!
HMIC Report, Police & Twitter
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Social Services & the Freedom Programme

Social Services & the Freedom Programme

Last night a discussion took place on Twitter regarding social workers and training of the Freedom Programme, I feel a few points need to be made clear.

The discussion was not about whether or not victims find the Freedom Programme beneficial and helpful it was simply is the money, which is at least £10 a social worker being spent wisely and what research has been done before the decision to spend funds on the Freedom Programme was made.

I have full respect for Pat Craven and do know that the Freedom Programme has helped victims of domestic violence and abuse but for balance I also have spoken to a lot of victims who have said it hasn't and that the programme needs refreshing and updating.

"Diktat Housing Tax Trap & Domestic Violence

As you all know I have expressed concern over the Home Swapper scheme and in general social housing for victims of domestic violence so when Vanessa approached me asking if I would publish this piece my answer was swift and easy.

Eve x

'Diktat Housing Tax Trap & Domestic Violence' Article
Vanessa d'Esterre
9th April 2014

When the personal becomes fundamentally political

In this article I wish to convey my personal experience regarding the impact of the housing tax trap with Domestic Violence.

Mountain Challenge - Literally!

Hi everyone

Just over three years ago I was offered a wheelchair and an adapted wetroom - I chose my legs and since then I have embarked on intensive physical rehab - on Tuesday I completed this and now have the go ahead from my doctors and specialist to commence interval and endurance training.

This morning I received the results from my bone density scan and other tests - I have war wounds and old age but I have the all clear!! 

At the end of August-beginning of September I am hoping that I will be ready to complete a personal challenge that I set myself almost 3 years ago - to get to the summit of a mountain - I am aiming for Scarfell Pike in the Lake District.

HMIC Report, Police & Twitter

The week started with the announcement of our newest Board and #SAFE member, an ex Police Sarg who brings with her a wealth of knowledge especially in the fields of child abuse, domestic violence and harassment.  For now her identity must remain protected but on behalf of the OneVoice Never Silenced Board I would like to publicly welcome her and I hope you will too.  She is on Twitter and Facebook and watching closely so will see any messages so please drop by and say hi - @OneVoiceEve.

My Story

Guest blog by Elaine Hook

Part 1.........

My Story
This is a story, my words and my feelings which I have needed to write to free myself. This will become part of my healing. It’s about me and only me. I know now that I am beautiful, kind, warm, friendly, generous and passionate. I feel most people like me. I am usually happy and I know I am intelligent, creative, clever and inspirational. But back then I was none of those things…to both him and myself. None of you will believe what happened to me and that I allowed it to happen.

#Eve's Law, LGBT & other news

Hi everyone

The sun is shining here in Bolton and today I am all set to begin the new phases of The Protection Of Victims Act 2014 - Eve's Law campaign.

Work has been completed on the Criminal Justice & Court Bill and I can announce that a letter has been received from the Deputy Prime Minister's Office declaring Liberal Democrat support for The Protection Of Victims Act 2014 - Eve's Law.  This news is most welcoming as the fight for "teeth" - legislation continues.

No victim should have to settle for silver - I am going for GOLD and every victim of domestic violence, child abuse, abuse, rape, stalking etc SHOULD be #SAFE, they deserve to be #SAFE.

Sunny Sunday ramblings

Hi everyone

Well what a week!  On Tuesday I was invited to present The Protection Of Victims Act 2014 and the SAFE Campaigns to the Cheshire branch of Your Housing to meet with Community Safety Officers and the team.  I have since received an email via my Chair Henry O'Carroll from Peter Harrison who says:

"To have some one address us who has had first hand experience of dealing with a perpetrator and the barriers that they then experience with organisations acts as a great reminder to staff about remembering we need to be customer focused.

#SAFE Campaign - #EvesLaw

Hi everyone

I have many ideas floating around in my grey matter and I am on a mission.

The Protection Of Victims Act 2014 is now with the Criminal & Victims Policy Department at the Ministry Of Justice and every day the support grows.  Eve's Law is an umbrella for change, a change that is needed badly.

Every week 2 women are murdered by a partner or ex partner, this figure has not changed in over 30 years and lets not forget the men who are also victims of domestic violence and abuse and the 100's and 1000's of children that are spending the most important years of their lives surrounded by violence and abuse.

A Force To Be Reckoned With

A Force To Be Reckoned With-
A Revolutionary Method Of Empowerment.

Written By The Founder Of A Force To Be Reckoned With.

Some of you may follow us on social media, while others may have visited 
the website and or seen our promotional film- but what is A Force To Be 
Reckoned With?

The purpose of this blog is to both give you a short explanation of the 
campaign and its objectives, and possibly a glimpse of the woman behind 
the banner.

I would never describe myself as having had a "hard life", for I have 

How Are You Feeling Today Baby Bear?

Hi everyone

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, the sun is shining here in Bolton and my daffodils are budding, I think spring is on the way.

A very wonderful lady who I met on Twitter Jane Evans has wrote a book "How Are You Feeling Today Baby Bear?"  Jane is a trauma parenting specialist and trainer and she has wrote this amazing book to help children who have lived with violence at home.

" Baby Bear lives in a home with the Big Bears and loves to chase butterflies and make mud pies - they make Baby Bear's tummy fill with sunshine.