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Snowy Saturday

Hi everyone

What a beautiful day!  When I went to bed last night we had a little snow but when I woke at 3.30am everywhere was blanketed white and so I haven't ventured out today, these old bones don't take too kindly to the cold weather and I creak and crack like a 90 year old sometimes. :)

Looking out of the window I knew there was only one thing I wanted to do today, raise awareness and what a perfect day to do it on, a beautiful view outside slightly marred by the rather lame attempt at a snow angel last night by my youngest daughter Katie when she rolled in at 3.30am, yes it was my 19 year old returning from her night out, a little drunk shall we say but happy with life.

Both of my girls are very street-smart and Katie is a little campaigner in her very own right.  She too has a fierce passion and is always the one making sure her friends are safe and offering safety advise.  She lives by the motto "be wise and if you don't know educate yourself," I taught her that. :) 

My girls are my world and every morning when I open my eyes I smile, I'm so bloody happy to be here, to be in this truly wonderful place.  I love being a survivor but more so I love the passion I have found to change myself, to make myself a better person.  I use my past, the mistakes I have made but more so the lessons I have learnt to make me a better person, a stronger more determined person.

I love many things but my fiercest passion lies with campaigning against all abuse.  Being a survivor of domestic violence I use my past to guide me, to make me strong so that hopefully I can reach out and help others.

Writing for me is also a passion, I love the way characters come alive as I write and I sometimes cannot be found for hours on end as I get lost in the world I am creating.  Writing helped me so much and that is why I founded #OneVoice, two books that I hope will raise not only awareness but much needed revenue for multiple charities.  #OneVoice Fifty Shades Of Abuse is a collection of domestic violence/abuse victims/survivors stories; #OneVoice The Child is also a collection of stories but this time the survivors are from child abuse.  Please take a moment to visit the pages dedicated to each one and if you are a victim/survivor please get in touch I would love to hear from you and if you are in the right place at this time to share your story then please send them to

I hope you are all safe and warm and whilst I am busy writing and campaigning I am also thinking about those that are not so fortunate as I.

Stay safe
Survivors not victims!
Eve x

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