Easter and my accident
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Easter and my accident
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Easter and my accident

Hi everyone

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and Easter.  I decided to take a few hours off to enjoy the sunshine with some friends and take the petrol cars out for a spin.  By Monday the car was finely tuned and travelling at its top speed of just over 50mph, now I know all the rules and have had them explained to me repeatedly but I decided to wander off from the side of the person who was controlling the car.  The next minute I felt what I can only explain as the worst pain ever and I was flying through the air!

The car impacted at its top speed with my ankle literally whipping my feet from under me, the pain was immediate and I really did think my ankle had been totally smashed. We managed to get back to the car and went straight to the hospital where they took some x-rays and told me it was broken. 

One lesson I have learnt from my accident is to purchase waterproof mascara, my impression of Alice Cooper was spot on!

I am now wearing a cast to the knee and although I'm finding it very difficulty with the crutches I am managing to hobble around a little but even the simplest of tasks seem to take forever as I move around at a snails pace.  I am very lucky to be surrounded by some amazing people who are making sure that I am ok and looked after.

I have big plans for my cast and hope to be sporting some unique and fab artwork in a week or so :) :)  My grandma Evelyn's back scratcher is coming in very handy, the handle is just right to stick down the cast to relieve the itching.

Thank you everyone for your kind messages, each one made me smile and just proves that World Peace Day can be achieved.

I am hoping that over the next few days the pain eases a little and I am trying to rest as much as possible so I hope you will all continue to raise awareness, you really are all amazing people!

Thank you and stay safe.
Survivor not victims!
Eve x

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