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#OneVoice Charity News!

Hi Everyone

Yesterday I sent out an email to all the courageous survivors who have shared their stories for the #OneVoice book, it's time to nominate their charities and already I am receiving replies.

Here are the nominations so far and I have contacted each of these charities with the good news.

Refuge Charity - 6 nominations
Women's Aid  - 1 nomination
ESDAS - East Surrey Domestic Abuse Service - 1 nomination
Joyful Heart Foundation - 1 nomination
Victim Support - 1 nomination
WRSAC Cornwalll - Women's Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre - 1 nomination
Ark Of Hope, Florida - 1 nomination
Wave DV Centre - North West of England - 1 nomination
White Ribbon Australia - 1 nomination

I have also been asked if I can find a DV charity that Reeva Steenkamp would have or did support in South Africa, if anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated as an author would like their share to go to a charity here.

I will continue to update you all as the rest of the nominations come in.

The deadline for the remaining stories is 22nd April and I am hoping that it will be available to buy by the last day of April.

Fifty Shades Of Abuse - #OneVoice contains 50 true stories from 50 very courageous survivors, each author is asked to nominate a charity of their choice for a 1/50 share of the TOTAL revenue.  Some of the authors are anonymous some not and a few of the women who have gone on to help others have agreed to speak with the media, any revenue from interviews etc will go straight into the #OneVoice pot so that ALL the charities nominated receive an equal share.

The opening chapter of Fifty Shades Of Abuse is horrific, this very brave ladies life has been destroyed because of Fifty Shades Of Grey, she is fighting every day living on a cocktail of prescription medication just to get through and I was more than happy to give her the vehicle she needed to vent her rage in a hope that writing from the heart would help her.  Survivors not victims!

The closing chapter of Fifty Shades Of Abuse shows just how extreme domestic violence/abuse can really get!  Anon for the time being this chapter is by an author who is currently on trial for 1st degree murder!  After years of domestic violence she killed her husband in self defence only to be arrested MONTHS later and charged.  She has asked if her share of the revenue can help towards her legal fees, I have agreed to this and asked for an account of how much they will be, once the sum needed has been reached a charity will then continue to receive the donations.  Her family have had to sell property etc and are in real need of help and so even though this is stretching the guidelines a little the revenue is still helping DV.  This young woman has young children who need their mother.

I have worked so hard on this book for you all, I wanted to give you a voice and as I put the finishing touches to it, the spit and polish so to speak I just want to say once again MUCHO RESPECT!  YOU ROCK!

I hope you will all now help me to spread the word and promote #OneVoice, LETS MAKE THIS EPIC!

Eve x

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