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Hi everyone

Well I wondered how long it would take and yet again both Goodreads and the bullies have shown they side together, here is the latest email from Goodreads with FALSE claims yet again, they really are not getting this......

Hello Eve,
We've noticed you created a new Goodreads profile despite your recent ban from the site. Unfortunately, you continued to not respect the other Goodreads members.  You submitted "Fifty Shades of Abuse" as a book to read in a group discussion forum that a) had expressly said at the top of the discussion topic:  "Authors, please do not nominate your own books" and b) was asking only for books with a significant portion of the story/content situated in a particular geographic location (a guideline which your book did not meet).  Again, posting advertisements in areas that clearly prohibit author promotion violates our rules on spam.    
As you are currently banned, you are not permitted to use the site in any capacity, so your account would have been deleted either way. You'll see that we've now deleted your profile. We respectfully request that you cease creating accounts in violation of the ban, as they will be removed.

Kara EricksonCustomer Care

They really are a shady lot over there at Goodreads in sunny California USA.

Here is my reply:

Hi Kara
I am formerly asking you to remove all 3 books from your appalling, abusive site.

For clarification that is The Eyes, Choices-The Darker Years and #OneVoice.

A criminal case of harassment and stalking has been filed. Goodreads openly permit bullying, threats and foul language.I will be posting your email on my website blog.

In this day and age abuse and victim blaming are wrong yet time and time again goodreads have permitted it. You have now silenced a worldwide organisation that is helping charities around the world, goodreads have silenced victims and permitted victim blaming on your site.  

As promised this will not merely disappear, you have allowed the attack of millions of men, women and children around the world, victims and sided with the bullies and allowed them to mock, threaten and intimidate victims/survivors.

Again I am officially asking you to remove my books. I have not posted except in one group and your blatant lies and cover ups are beginning to crack.

Bravo goodreads

Sent from my iPhone

I want MY books off that site and I do not want #OneVoice even associated with it, a site that condones bullying and victim blaming is a site that is wrong in my eyes especially when children use.  Evidence has been collated and trust me this time it isn't just me, like I have said before I WILL PROTECT #OneVoice and all the good it stands for.

Goodreads constantly change their minds as to what I am supposed to have done wrong, first Emily accuses me of attacking when I have always conducted myself in both a polite and ladylike manner, unlike the bullies who f and blind at will and threaten to expose where you live and then Kara who says that 7 months ago I spammed, I call it raising awareness for a bloody good cause and come on Goodreads, 7 months to ban someone when I have conclusive screen shot proof that you have acted on Coaxial Creature's word, laughable I'm sorry.

Something very wrong is going on at Goodreads and as this investigation unfurls I think we may get a few shocks as to who these bullies really are folks, it's their families and friends I feel sorry for when they are exposed and brought to justice and I am forever mindful of this as these bullies are women and probably have children.

I have had advise from the police and that is NOT to converse with any of them, they obviously all sit at their laptops/pc's all day stirring up trouble and being abusers and to be honest I haven't really got the time or inclination to even be bothered anymore.  I spent 21 years with a supreme bully, a few troubled women will not get to me!  

Its onwards and upwards for #OneVoice, THE home for all victims and survivors helping charities in America, Canada, Scotland, England, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!!

Let's smile everyone, let's be positive and forget about these few horrible trolls - no one will silence #OneVoice EVER!

Until next time stay safe 
Survivors not victims!
Eve x

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