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Goodreads update

Hi everyone

I promised to protect #OneVoice and I will and have been doing.

I received an email and then a response to a tweet tonight where I asked for clarification of cyberterrorism, I will explain:

Cyberterrorism can also be defined as the international use of computer networks and PUBLIC internet to cause destruction and harm for personal objectives.  Objectives may be political or ideological since this is a form of terrorism.

Now the group of INTERNATIONAL Goodreads/Amazon bullies/trolls have harassed and stalked me without mercy, they have attacked #OneVoice and #OneVoice victims and survivors and used an international use of computer networks - some are in America, one in Australia that I know of and one here in the UK, and they have used the networks Amazon and Goodreads to cause destruction and harm for their own personal objectives - i.e. abusing and bullying.

Now, I really need to state that the fault lies entirely with Amazon I'm afraid.  Amazon own Goodreads and it has been unveiled that some very suspicious goings on are occurring.  My account was deleted and I was accused of attacking, I questioned this and the Goodreads Expert Emily ran straight to her manager.  I was then contacted by Kara the Customer Care Manager, she advised me that I had been deleted off Goodreads because I had spammed!  Now I haven't posted a thing except my blog since the last horrific attack so why has it taken them months to delete me, yes you are correct in your assumptions something just isn't right.

Once again I have received countless messages directing me to the STGRB site.  Now once again I am going to state that I have no connection with this site but I do note that another author has also got a case going on with the authorities in the US.  GOOD!  This needs to stop.

In this day and age bullying and abuse should not be going out, especially as publicly as it is on Goodreads and Amazon.  The Eve Thomas Foundation and #OneVoice are personally holding Amazon/Goodreads to full account for this.

I have numerous emails where they state that they will not remove foul language, threats, violence and very public humiliation from the Goodreads site, I have pleaded with them to remove my books so that I am not once again a victim, they refused and yes I have kept every single email.

Amazon/Goodreads this time this will not go away.  You are permitting the destruction of #OneVoice, you are permitting the destruction of my career, but most of all you are permitting the abuse and bullying of innocent people and turning a blind eye to the sexual role play that goes on with minors present, the threats, violence and attacks all with minors present and you do nothing about it!  SHAME ON YOU, #OneVoice will be seeking justice.

I have NEVER and would NEVER attack another human being, I admit I was ignorant and in my excitement I posted a little recklessly back in November but is that a crime?  Wouldn't it of been nicer to guide me, educate me not threaten me and say you know where I am and then mock me for being a survivor of domestic violence, oh well..........

This investigation is going to be a very long one as it spans three countries that we know of to date, the Victoria Police in Australia are a starting point after finding a blog which is very incorrect and destructive to both my career and #OneVoice.  The blog is full of lies and I am not quite sure where Leicester Police figure in all this, mmmmm maybe that is where the bully in the UK lives, I guess we will soon find out.  What I have concluded is that the main bully is an author named Angela Horn, now yes I am naming but these women very publicly show their names on Goodreads/Amazon and their own blogs and seem to have no shame in the way they conduct themselves online in the presence of children, so I don't really feel that I am doing anything wrong I am merely just guiding as we all get to the truth.  I would NEVER reveal the names of anyone publicly and I am only using the names that these bullies use VERY PUBLICLY so I do not feel that I am doing any harm.

Bullying is wrong, victim blaming should be a crime!  The destruction of #OneVoice and my career is wrong and by your obvious false reviews and admissions of stalking and harassing you are deliberately trying to destruct both Eve Thomas, The Eve Thomas Foundation and #OneVoice plus the victims and survivors!

These bullies/trolls have been relentless in their pursuit of me and have now attacked #OneVoice.  Now I know they have attacked many people both on Goodreads and Amazon and I see that cases and questions are being brought, please contact me, lets get our heads together and get justice but I think it is Amazon/Goodreads that we go after, let them then sue and out the bullies.  Amazon if you would like to get in touch please do my email is

I have always conducted myself the way I was brought up with manners and class.  Yes I don't pronounce my words correctly and sometimes I cackle and snort when I laugh but it is good to laugh and I won't stop, I am me, a SURVIVOR!  I am not perfect, I'm not a saint, I've made mistakes and I have regrets but one thing I know is I will never allow another abuser to abuse me again and I most certainly will never allow a #OneVoice voice to be silenced or mocked.  Bullies in your pursuit of me you have attacked #OneVoice, THE home for all victims and survivors helping charities around the world - YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!  Here are a few of the #OneVoice charities that the brave women and men have nominated, the same brave women and men who have been mocked by this group of trolls, Ark Of Hope - an abused children's charity, The Samaritans Free Helpline Project because here in the UK we don't have a free helpline and we can save so many more lives, Lifeline Australia, the same as the Samaritans, Refuge a leading women's and children's domestic violence charity in the UK, Wheat Fund in South Africa who work tirelessly to help victims of domestic violence do I really need to go on, has it hit home yet. WE WILL GET JUSTICE!

This is all I have to say for now but I will keep you all updated.  I want to end this blog with a personal message to the very courageous victims and survivors who shared their pains and success so bravely with us all in a hope that we can raise so much awareness that abuse of all kinds stops.  We've had enough, we are tired and worn out with war, let us rest, let us have peace but most of all leave us alone to carry on our work, the world need this, it's time for change.

The birds are tweeting, it's 04.30am and so I shall wish you all goodnight.

Stay safe
Stay strong
Eve x

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