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#OneVoiceBuddies & News
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#OneVoiceBuddies & News

Hi everyone


When I escaped I had an army of professionals all helping me, guiding me and making sure I was strong enough to go to trial.  I spent the next few months practically locked away, afraid to leave my house and even though I had the anti molestation order and he was on bail I was still petrified.  I spent a lot of time on Facebook, speaking to women I had never met, searching for a buddy, someone to listen and talk to, they didn't know me and so I could literally unburden everything.  Three of these women are now very firm friends, Emily Sweet, Vivien Master and Tracey Maden.  These ladies have supported me, encourage me and cheered me on and all from a distance.  Vivien made sure I ate with a reminder in the form of a text, Tracey well she not only made me smile with her kind words but like Vivien made me giggle.  Emily, now where do I start with Miss Sweet, Sweet by name and Sweet by nature.  This young lady has had her own problems and this is how we became friends, talking to one another, sharing.  She is now a mum to Tyla, a gorgeous baby boy and although this wee man is blind in one eye his brave, amazing, awesome mummy is still smiling and enjoying each and every day!  These three dynamic women were my lifeline, my support and all through social media!  Emily is the woman who originally made me think of #OneVoiceBuddies, thank you for being there for me all of you.
As #OneVoice has evolved an idea was born from the gap I found when I began my journey, an additional service, a network of victims and survivors, all reaching out, all needing a buddy.  We are not professionals (I think we see enough of those!) we are survivors and victims who also want to help, find someone to talk to!
#OneVoiceBuddies is a befriending service with a difference, it is all based on social media so you never have to leave the house or face another person although we hope that with our help you will find the strength to get back out there because believe me there is life after abuse!  You can chat in total privacy, when you want and YOU pick who to befriend!
Scroll through the friends list/followers, make contact and hey presto you've found someone with something in common with YOU!
The admin team, Tammie Hammock on Facebook and Michelle on Twitter will I know be writing some amazing, inspirational posts for you all but don't forget if you want to chat in private just message us!
Both Tammie and Michelle are #OneVoice survivors, courageous women who now want to help others, this is #OneVoice giving back, I hope they both feel empowered!
I am also in the process of setting up an email account.  Now I encourage anyone who is gathering evidence or keeping a diary etc to email it on a regular basis to this account.  It will not be read unless you want me to but this is a way of keeping safe YOUR evidence in the hope you get the chance of a criminal conviction!
After spending time with both the Police here in England and Police Scotland I have come to the conclusion that The Harassment Act 1997 is very under used.  
We all think that emotional abuse is not a criminal offence, well folks that is WRONG!  A course of conduct (2 or more times) that causes distress or fear (there is more to the wording but this is basically the sum of it) is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE and punishable under The Harassment Act 1997.  I will be providing everyone with more information regarding this but I encourage ANYONE who is a victim and needs a back up, a safe place for evidence/diaries/events etc to be kept then keep a look out on here, Facebook and Twitter because I will be posting the email address soon.
Have a good night/day everyone and don't forget to head along to #OneVoiceBuddies, everyone is welcome, we NEVER discriminate but all we ask is that you are kind, we do not tolerate hate speech or discrimination of any kind and victim blaming is most certainly not.
I am hoping that the Police, Police Scotland, Rape Centres, Social Services, IDVAS, DV Centres etc etc will all recommend #OneVoiceBuddies to any victim that they help.  
We need to cocoon our victims NOT distress. Please spread the word, every book sale helps, every victim cocooned is a victim one step nearer to justice!

More to follow.
#OneVoice NEVER silenced.
Twitter @OneVoiceBuddies
Eve x
p.s Have you bought your copy of the #OneVoice book yet Fifty Shades Of Abuse?  Even if you don't read it please buy it EVERY SINGLE PENNY OF PROFIT GOES TO CHARITIES AROUND THE WORLD! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! Thank you Hugs x

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