EVE THOMAS - #OneVoice Survivors Book

During my time on twitter I have conversed with some truly wonderful people and organisations, people with a passion matching my own, people who just want to make a difference.  #Onevoice was created and from this some remarkable events are about to take place.

You will no doubt all of heard of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, a series of books that have taken the world by storm and had millions of women all hot and bothered.  Fifty Shades of Grey became known as mummy porn and has made E L James a name that almost everyone knows.

Now I will be the first person to admit that I have read these books, I had to I wrote The Eyes after all.  When the books hit the world I had been sitting on The Eyes and Choices-The Darker Years for years, how I could have kicked myself but back then I was a victim of domestic violence and had secretly been writing my books, afraid that my husband would see.  As I turned each page on my kindle my disgust grew as the abuse played out before me.  I was shocked, shocked that this abuser, Christian Grey had actually won the hearts of women around the world!  Could they not see the abuse, was the manipulation and stalking not clearly evident for all to see?  Now it's not the BDSM nor is it the kinky fuckery its the abuse I have the problem with.  I made notes scribbling furiously for hours on end, dismayed that I was actually abusing myself by reading these books but I had to know, I had to read until the end and boy was I appalled.  Christian Grey is an abuser and when I heard about E L Jame's comments to the media calling victims of domestic violence "witches and trolls" I wanted to scream and so I found on twitter the Fifty Shades Of Abuse campaign and along with that many women and men, including doms that felt the same way as I.

I wanted to know how I could educate others, the millions of women that had fallen in love with the fictional character Mr Grey and so FIFTY SHADES OF ABUSE was created.

Fifty Shades of Abuse will be a collection of victims and survivors stories, each one their own voice uniting as #onevoice to raise awareness for domestic violence an act that sadly claims 2 lives every week in the UK and affects 1 in 3 women!

ALL revenue will be donated to domestic violence charities and as each story is submitted I am collating all the information and will be contacting each person individually to ask which charities they think we should donate ALL the money to, the only criteria is that it has to be a domestic violence charity.  I don't care which town, which city or indeed which country they are in I JUST WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

You can submit your stories to [email protected] - all chapters will be your voice and you can of course be anon, no one needs to know its you but I DO need to stress that I want you all to stay safe and please DO NOT submit if it will put you in any danger!!!!!

I have read some incredible stories that have made me cry, I want to take this opportunity to reach out to each and everyone of you.  YOU ARE SO BRAVE, GO YOU!

Please send me your stories, write them from the heart.  There is no word limit although ideally it needs to be a chapter in length.  Don't worry about it being word perfect, spelling and grammar are not a problem.  This is your voice, your chance to help others and raise not only awareness but much needed money.

I am hoping to have all the stories ready by the end of April so you still have time left to submit yours.  Writing helped me on my journey from victim to survivor, I hope that it also helps others.  Just think of the myriad of things #Onevoice can achieve:
Helping victims/survivors to heal whilst writing.
Raising awareness to the global problems of domestic violence/abuse.
Raising much needed funds for charities that work with victims/survivors of domestic violence.
Raising very much needed awareness to the fact that the fictional character of E L James, Christian Grey is an abuser and that Fifty Shades of Grey is not the romantic love story it is portrayed to be but abuse and lastly I hope an apology from E L James for insulting millions of women around the world.

Please take a moment to have a look at the World Peace Day page.  I hope you will join us, together we can make a difference, please lend me your voice.  Don't forget to spread the word, tweet, facebook, email, text, shouting as loud as you can - please just don't break the law!!!! :)

Big hugs and stay safe everyone
Survivors not victims!
Eve x