EVE THOMAS - Amy Lucas
EVE THOMAS - Mum, Author, Campaigner, Tiny Peacefighter, Survivor!

May I introduce to you Amy Lucas, the female character in my books  and a survivor of domestic violence/abuse.

Many, many years ago I had a dream and Angela as she was named back then helped me so much as I fought with my life as a victim of domestic violence.  You see for me writing was a way to escape and I found that disappearing into my fictional world helped me to do this. I was able to really get inside Angela's head and use my own experiences a a victim to really bring her to life.  Once I began my journey to become a survivor I began to polish both Choices-The Darker Years and The Eyes and Angela didn't seem to fit my courageous character any more and so Amy was born.

Amy means "beloved" and I hope as her story unfolds throughout this series of books that you all fall in love with my very brave female lead.

The story starts with Choices-The Darker Years and follows Amy's life as she battles for the peace she has always craved, the man she married no longer her Prince Charming but a vile, evil monster who rapes and beats her repeatedly.  Choices is a very gritty, hard hitting read and I have not held back at all, to do this would be a great disservice I feel to the millions of women, men and children who are or have been victims of domestic violence/abuse.

Cry her tears, feel her agony but then rejoice as my wonderful, brave character finally escapes and then pick up her story in The Eyes as she embarks on her new, single life and finds true love, something that she swore she would never do again!  

I promise Amy has her happy ever after!  I promise she gets the full justice she deserves but will the fight ever be truly over for her?  You will have to read and see........

Amy's story is followed in a series of five books - Choices-The Darker Years, The Eyes, The Perfect Escape, Evens, and The End and I hope you enjoy following her life as she slowly soars finding the peace that she constantly craves at last.
From victim to survivor!

Amy has her very own twitter account @amylucaseve.  I hope you will follow my wonderful, strong leading lady.

Eve x