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EVE THOMAS - Mum, Author, Campaigner, Tiny Peacefighter, Survivor!

The book cover for the first #OneVoice book Fifty Shades Of Abuse. Fifty true victims and survivors stories.
I am very proud to announce the release of the very first #OneVoice book Fifty Shades of Abuse.

A collection of fifty true victims and survivors stories from around the world with one common theme - domestic violence/abuse.

Each one written from the heart and unedited so raw and full of the pain and feelings they convey.

ALL revenue from the profits will be donated to charities around the world.

From emotional abuse to violence and rape, a victim on trial for 1st degree murder and a precious life lost to domestic violence this book carries a STRONG WARNING - please purchase but read with caution as the subject matter between these pages is graphic.

Find out why some of our survivors feel that Fifty Shades Of Grey and it's main character, Christian Grey is NOT a romantic love story but a tale of domestic abuse and violence that has destroyed one woman's life that we know of!

Can you see the signs but most of all do you recognise the signs that hide within this book?

I know I speak on behalf of all #OneVoice victims and survivors when I say that if one person walks away from a violent relationship after reading this book we will all be a happy bunch of survivors and know that we have helped just a little!


Now you may be asking what is #OneVoice well, #OneVoice is THE place to come if you want your voice heard or simply need a buddy.

No matter what your pain, no matter what caused it #OneVoice has a place for you and will share your pain whilst helping you on your journey as a survivor.

Writing helped me so much and so I wanted to do more, help others and so #OneVoice was created. This is the very first #OneVoice book (there are many more to come) fifty chapters from around the world, each author a victim/survivor of domestic violence/abuse who want to share their pains and successes to help not only themselves as they journey on the path of survival but others by raising awareness and much needed money for charity.

Each author has nominated a charity of their choice and the TOTAL revenue from the profits will be split equally between them all.

Domestic violence is a worldwide problem and in the UK alone two precious lives are lost every week! This needs to stop! The abuse needs to stop!

Stay safe
Survivor not victims!

Thank you.
Eve Thomas
Founder of The Eve Thomas Foundation & #OneVoice

ALL revenue from every single penny of profit will be donated to charities around the world.

If you would like your voice heard then you can submit your stories to [email protected] - all chapters will be your voice and you can of course be anon, no one needs to know its you but I DO need to stress that I want you all to stay safe and please DO NOT submit if it will put you in any danger!!!!!

I have read some incredible stories that have made me cry, I want to take this opportunity to reach out to each and everyone of you.  YOU ARE SO BRAVE, GO YOU!

Please send me your stories, write them from the heart.  There is no word limit although ideally it needs to be a chapter in length.  Don't worry about it being word perfect, spelling and grammar are not a problem.  This is your voice, your chance to help others and raise not only awareness but much needed money.

Helping victims/survivors to heal whilst writing.

Raising awareness to the global problems of domestic violence/abuse.

Raising much needed funds for charities that work with victims/survivors of abuse.

I hope you will join us, together we can make a difference, please lend me your voice.  Don't forget to spread the word, tweet, facebook, email, text, shouting as loud as you can - please just don't break the law!!!! :)


Big hugs and stay safe everyone
Survivors not victims!
Eve x