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EVE THOMAS - Mum, Author, Campaigner, Tiny Peacefighter, Survivor!


I always have what seem like a million and one ideas running through my head and it was whilst formatting the #OneVoice Fifty Shades Of Abuse book that I noticed that my wish had been granted, others began to tell me how writing and sharing their stories had empowered them, healed them, helped them.

I tend to daydream a lot, it's how I bring my characters to life but more than that when I am soaring a million miles away, my problems forgotten, I forget about the hurt, I forget about the pain, I use it and allow it to give me courage to endeavour to realise my dream.  My past is my strength!

Anyway back to my daydream :) I wondered how I could help more victims and survivors, I wondered how we could raise much needed funds for charity?  Why not another book with ALL the revenue again to go to charity only this time instead of domestic violence/abuse stories what about raising awareness and money for child abuse.

A while ago I began to write a book, a new character, a little girl.  The story was about her life, she had a very special life.

You see the idea was already there it just hadn't edged its way to the front of my mind (well it is kind of very busy lately :)

So can we do this?  I know it is a very delicate subject and I am seeking further assistance and advise with this but as I gingerly put out my feelers on twitter I was contacted by a few survivors, they wanted to send me their stories.

Up to now I have received stories from women I would love for men to also come forward.  Your identity will always be protected and as with the #OneVoice Fifty Shades Of Abuse book ALL revenue will be donated to charity, the only criteria is that it HAS to be a charity/organisation that works for/with victims/survivors of child abuse.

Everything is the same as the #OneVoice book except this is for child abuse.

Due to the sensitive nature of this subject I just want to add that I want you to be in a good place, a happy place and if partaking in this book causes you any distress then please don't do it but always know I am here for you as are thousands of others.

Stay safe
Survivors not victims!
Eve x