EVE THOMAS - Fund Raising
EVE THOMAS - Mum, Author, Campaigner, Tiny Peacefighter, Survivor!


A new buddy of mine @HomeToHomeCook makes delicious hand made chocolates that are just 21 calories and contain 2.7g of fat! There are no preservatives, nuts etc so everyone can enjoy but the taste, one word divine!
David the Chocolatier who already makes his wonderful creations for another charity, check it out here has very kindly offered to do the same for #OneVoice Never Silenced, excited is not the word! Each box raises £3 for charity, just think of the money that this could raise for our wonderful charities!  During this next week we will be using our contacts with the big supermarkets, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury, Tesco hoping that they will stock our wonderful treats.  If you have a shop and are interested in stocking the chocolates please get in touch [email protected] or if you have any ideas re stockists etc please yell.


Last year we had the Olympics and a torch was carried throughout the UK - #teamonevoice will be doing the same! A team of people, #teamonevoice will carry The Eternal Light, a light to remember those lives lost to abuse and domestic violence and the 100's and 1000's of lives that have been destroyed by abuse it will also be the light to show the way to change!  If it can be done for the Olympics it can be done for abuse!

The logistics are going to be a nightmare and I am no doubt going to be tweeting and posting asking for help but we hope that every single DV and CPU unit will participate in the UK along with the general public. 

Think of the awareness we could raise as The Eternal Light travels throughout the country think of the money we can raise for the awesome #OneVoice Never Silenced charities, the sponsorships that can be achieved but most of all think of the education and guidance we can share along the way, we CAN get the warning signs out there, we CAN share our knowledge and help so many THIS CAN BE DONE!  IT WILL BE DONE!  I am a very determined woman!

#TeamOneVoice (Thank you to The Boss, Phil @Running4Refuge for coming up with the name) was created in the late hours over the weekend and so is very new. We have some hard work ahead of us but already the big bosses are coming forward to help. WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS!!!

If you would also like to carry The Eternal Light please get in touch by clicking here so we can include your name/details etc.  We would love as many members of the general public to participate as possible and will be also contacting refuges, charities etc throughout the UK as well as schools, hospitals, crisis centres etc. We are hoping to have everything in place so that this can go ahead in Spring 2014 so please get in touch.


I am also working on a project with a very remarkable young woman, an award winning designer who is Gok Wan's Knit Queen! Diana is going to design a unisex pin for #OneVoice Never Silenced - THIS IS AMAZING! Diana is also working and doing the same with Pancreatic Cancer UK and all profits from our pin will go to our amazing charities.


We are currently working on a national fund raising campaign with The Body Shop. 10% will be donated to #OneVoice Never Silenced but it doesn't end there - if you want to help us and get orders in your area then you will also receive a reward - £50 of FREE PRODUCTS!  Everyone loves The Body Shop, cruelty free products not only for your body but for your home as well!  More details will follow but if you are interested in taking part in this please email by clicking here.

I'm going to be so busy over the next few weeks as #TeamOneVoice, #OneVoice Never Silenced Chocolates and the #OneVoice Never Silenced Pin as well as The Body Shop campaign are worked on but I welcome this with an open heart and mind. 
Have a fantastic day everyone and I am sending big smiles and big hugs.
Eve x